A Barefoot Mile Foundation is working to assist thousands in need in some of the most remote areas of Nepal.

We are raising funds that will be used to acquire much needed resources.

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About Our Foundation

A Barefoot Mile Foundation is a grassroots non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused on empowering those who wish to improve the quality of life in the disadvantaged communities of the world.

What We Do

We build schools, libraries, and hospitals. We bring clean drinking water, medical supplies and new games. We teach, we connect friends, we bring blankets for babies. We build gardens and offer micro-loans for local businesses, and offer scholarships for projects that make a difference in disadvantaged communities.

We help.

How Can You Help?

Want to send books and school supplies? Want to donate blankets? Have a great idea for a new project? There are a number of ways you can help; just check out our list.

You can make a difference. 

What is a disadvantaged community?

Across the globe, there are communities that are fighting to survive, better themselves, and improve the standard of living for their people. There are many communities that have the strength and support of governmental infrastruction and safety nets. These communities tend to also have close access to economic systems that bring them the capital and external resources that allow them to grow beyond their immediate circumstances. Those communities that do not are disadvantaged. They struggle to improve themselves because they simply lack access to the basic things they need.


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