Current Needs


How can you help?



Our programs run on the donations from people like you, people that are able to give that little bit extra to make someone else’s life better.  A Barefoot Mile Foundation helps over 8,000 individuals – here’s how you can too:



Project: Volunteers

We want to help you help others – if you’re interested in helping us fundraise, organize events, work with our donor base, expand our donor base, or help us out with boots on the ground in Malawi, send us an email! We’ll figure out a way help you get involved.


Project: Food, Water, & Nutrition Needs

Access to clean water is a big challenge.  We’ve been able to set up a number of Water Birds from HaloSource, but our community members have asked for ways to transport that clean water.

We need:

    • Water Bottles
Project: Health & Medical

Medical resources are always needed – the more equipment we can provide, the more effective our volunteer health care workers can be on the ground.

We need:

    • Blankets for babies – ensures that a child’s first cloth that he or she is wrapped in is a new clean piece of cloth to last the crucial first months and year.
    • General Medical Equipment
    • Medicines
    • Dental Equipment
    • Eye Care Equipment
Project: Education & Empowerment

Many children lack the basics needed for school.  Most children struggle to have even the most basic of school supplies.

We need:

    • Notebooks
    • Pens
    • Rulers
    • Eraser
    • General school supplies
    • Books for our library
Project: Infrastructure & Transportation

Electricity and power are a constant struggle. We are always looking for individuals who can assist with design/implementation, solar powered items, and other energy alternatives

We need:

    • Volunteers
    • Solar-Powered Anything
Project: A Barefoot Mile Foundation

In addition to the specific items listed above, we need your financial support to make things happen. In addition to the supplies we purchase as a foundation and provide directly to the communities we work with, we need help with shipping costs, transportation, outreach, and our volunteer programs. Every dollar counts and every dollar matters.