What We're Doing

On-going Projects

Water Purity Project

We are excited to be partnered with HaloSource, a Washington based company, to provide the community with clean accessible water through an initiative involving their patented filtration units. Click here to learn more about HaloPure filtration technology.

Improved Farming Practices Program

We are constantly looking for new ways to grow current and new crops. Water delivery and management, as well as soil improvements.

Live in Color Project

We constantly bring colored chalk to the children. Color is something that is often taken for granted. This gives the children the opportunity to be creative and adds color to our daily lives.

Install Coke Bottle Light Bulbs

A plastic coke bottle filled with water and bleach can refract enough light to an empty room with the brightness of a 40 watt bulb. We want to install these in multiple interested homes.

Make a Child Smile

We do this through soccer balls, coloring books, and even portable DVD players. We take movies and players so children can watch their very first cartoon or color with crayons for the first time.

Hospital Repairs

To maintain our free hospital we much provide our own maintenance. We are constantly trying to improve or repair our current facilities.

Build a Playground

We are under the process of figuring out how to build a playground for the over 900 children that go to our local primary school.

Buy a Kid a Coke

Sometimes it’s nice to sit down and enjoy a warm Coca-Cola. These luxuries we take for granted and usually savor alone. Buy a kid a Coke, watch him gather his friends and have 10 children share a special time with each other.

Water Stability

We are constantly maintaining our borehole pumps and looking to increase them and build a sustainable gravity fed water system.

Clean Your House, Change a Life

Many of us have household items that we never use. Clean out your “Junk Drawer” and send us the contents. You would be surprised what we can put to good use in the village.

Fill a Library

Our Library is complete, now we need to fill it with knowledge and connect it to the electrical grid.