Completed Projects


What We’ve Done

Our Full List of Completed Projects in Malawi Since 2005

  • Helped open a fully-functioning free hospital, staffed and open to the entire community and surrounding area
  • Helped open the new hospital Maternity Wing with trained staff
  • Repaired 100+ desks for the primary school
  • Provided direct assistance to children with disabilities and their families: food, clothing, medical supplies, prosthetics and many other items
  • Clothing and food brought and supplied to the elderly, disabled and orphans of the Mdolo community
  • Gathered, brought and distributed medical supplies donated by Local Seattle Hospitals
  • Established the Community Based Care Group with land provided by the community. This land is used to grow food that helps to feed the community’s sick and elderly
  • Instituted Water Purification Program and implemented on a large scale.  255 household water purifiers delivered and supplied through a generous donation from HaloSource. 
  • Built a functional push ambulance
  • Constructed a library at the primary school
  • Got the primary school on the electrical grid
  • Built and established a free and open Computer Lab at the library for all community members
  • Sponsored many school and educational opportunities
  • Provided successful micro-loans for local businesses and individuals
  • Many assorted individual villager-designed, small scale projects completed
  • Countless toys, clothing and activities provided to as many children and the elderly as possible