A Barefoot Mile Foundation Nepal Earthquake Relief Effort

You heard about it. Now it's time to take action.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake which struck Nepal on April 25th..

has already killed more than 7,500 people and injured more than 14,500, with hundreds of thousands left homeless and struggling.  A Barefoot Mile Foundation is working with individuals on the ground who are providing direct assistance to families in need where few other agencies have been able to provide assistance.











Hundreds of thousands left homeless.

A Barefoot Mile Foundation is working to assist thousands in need in some of the most remote areas of Nepal.

We are raising funds that will be used to acquire much needed resources.

What’s Needed

Donations to get the items requested by the survivors of the earthquake:

  1. Tents and shelter
  2. Clean water for drinking and cooking
  3. Rice and basic food
  4. Salt
  5. Oil for cooking
  6. Soap
  7. Transportation costs associated with delivering these goods in hard to reach and remote areas.

Boots on the Ground

We are working directly with the following ground team in their efforts to bring supplies and resources to areas affected by the earthquake that have still received little aide or assistance:  This group is currently working on building shelters, helping survivors dig out and also providing aid and food to those in need. 


• Raghav Ghimire and his team: 

Surendra Bajagain – Kaleshwor, Ishuv Baidhya – Patan Lalitpur, Rakesh Sinnya – Lalitpur, Shyam Khadka – Sainbu, Kewal KC – Lalitpur, Binod Basnet – Godawori, Ashirwad Tripathi – Kathmandu, Sandeep Sen Thakuri – Hadigaon, Kathmandu Kabita Bhandari – Trishuli, Nuwakot

• Shalikram Humagain and his team of Panchkhal United Football Association club members.

• Chudamuni Parajuli and his team at Sindhupalchok District.

• Geeta Ghimire and her 15 school teachers at the high school in Pyutar.

Ram Prasad Ghimire has been using his three mini trucks for providing relief materials to earthquake victims.   

Ram Prasad Ghimire and his two drivers, his nephew and younger brother Raghav Ghimire, are trying the best they can with the available resources to provide basic food, cloth, water and shelter to Earthquake Victims in remote areas of Nepal.

“Several villages are still out of reach from the government. 8th Day after earthquake, we were the first team to reach in Majhigaon, Jholunge in Sindhupalchok district but everyone in the village still have hope and patience”.

Ram Prasad Ghimire

Your Donation Will Help

We disperse these much needed resources within 48 hours of receiving your donation. 

Funds are electronically transferred and receive documentation and photo proof from the ground team.  All items purchased and distributed are documented by  the team providing support to ensure that all funds are properly used and accounted for.


Here are some photos from our target sites in Nepal.

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A Barefoot Mile Foundation is assisting those in need in the following areas:

Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok, Gorkha, Dhading, Rasuwa, Dolakha and many other districts.

Here is a link to Google Maps images of this area.

It is our goal to assist as many individuals as we can. Every contribution helps, and every donation makes a difference.