Safer Water and Reliable Nutrition

This fund specifically deals with providing safe and clean drinking water to those in need, as well as disaster relief assistance in times of drought. Water is essential in any community, even more so in those communities that lack any basic infrastructure or governmental assistance. We will work with the community to identify the specific need, and assist to implement this through purification systems, bore hole additions, or any other means available to provide clean water to each member of that community.

By contributing to this fund, not only will you help us reduce water borne illness in the communities we support, but you will directly improve the quality of day-to-day life as well. Before our original bore hole projects, getting water for daily use was a demanding task in its own right, requiring hour long treks carrying multi-gallon tanks of water. Drilling a critical mass of bore holes to eliminate these long journeys – often the responsibility of women and children – is a priority.

Donations to this fund will go towards additional bore holes, providing technology for water purification, education on water sanitation and health, and disaster relief assistance in the form of food during times of emergency.


Current Projects

  • Water Purity Project
  • Water Stability

Past Projects

  • Water Purification Program started and implemented on a large scale.
  • A community garden to provide food for patients and the elderly.
  • Clothing and food supplied to the elderly, disabled and orphans.