Better Health Program (Health & Medical)

It is part of A Barefoot Mile Foundation’s goal to seek out opportunities to improve the current health of the world’s disadvantaged communities, as well as to institute initiatives that help to secure improved health prospects for the future and the generations to come. Providing medical supplies, facilities, and education are just a few examples of how ABFM has shown its dedication to this goal, and we are always looking for new ways to help.

Funding this project will go directly to assisting the community to provide direct health care to individuals.  We assist with providing direct care, training, and supplies – the bulk of which find their way to the community’s maternity center which boasts the lowest mortality rate of both children and mothers at birth in all of northern Malawi.

Current Projects

  • Water Purity Project
  • Water Stability

Past Projects

  • A fully functioning and free hospital, staffed and open for all in need.
  • A fully functioning Maternity Wing with trained staff open and operational.
  • Medical supplies brought in through donations.