Infrastructure and Transportation

Also known as ‘The Care and Repair Program,’ this fund is about sustainability. We educate the community members on best practices for maintaining and repairing infrastructure. This care could be large scale hospitals, roads, bridges or as simple as how to repair a broken borehole. Once a project is complete, if ongoing maintenance training is not provided, that project is doomed for failure. We do not directly maintain infrastructure, instead choosing to spend time with the community on education so that when things break, they have the knowledge and tools to fix them. After all, it is theirs, not ours.

The other major focus in this program is transportation, as traveling, even to the nearest small town, is often a huge obstacle for many of the individuals living in the communities we support. How do you get to the hospital when there is no ambulance to get you there? At what point do you forego schooling because you can’t afford the hour-plus journey it takes each way? These are the types of questions we like to bring answers to.

Donations to this program go towards educational follow up to projects, and include tools for repairs, repair manuals, and providing localized training to responsible community members. On the transportation side, funds go towards bicycles for school students which are provided on a case-by-case basis that looks at distance to nearest school. An ambulance service is still needed in our community for emergent care situations requiring a full hospital visit.

Current Projects

  • Hospital Repairs
  • Build a Playground

Past Projects

  • An orphanage organized, funded and currently under development.
  • A functional push ambulance constructed.