Our Mission

Mission Statement

To empower, educate and assist in the creation of a fully functioning model village within the Mdolo region of northern Malawi. Through community empowerment, educational advancement, economic development and the introduction of basic technologies A Barefoot Mile Foundation aims to provide the opportunity to increase the quality of life for each regional villager.

Buckets of money will never solve all the problems we face within our community. Education, access to resources and good old fashioned boots on the ground are the only real solutions to almost every problem we face. Millions are spent every year in Malawi, most of this goes to health concerns and educational programs. Much of that is either squandered through a lack of accountability or is found in the pockets of others. Swooping in with cash, buying items for locals and then leaving does little for long lasting change. There is a strong difference in helping a community in need, and helping YOUR community. The Mdolo region is our community, the villagers are our neighbors our friends and individuals in need of a better life. Our goal is to focus like a laser beam into our remote area in the northern region of Malawi. The community is ready, well organized and determined to create a model village for the entire area. We focus on every aspect of daily life for every individual. Education, agriculture, health, business opportunities and over all quality of life. Not only are we as a community creating a better future, but also a better today for the children, adults and elderly in the area.