Our Mission:

“To empower, educate and assist people and pursuits that improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities.”


Education, access to resources, and good old fashioned boots on the ground are what disadvantaged communities need to grow and improve themselves from within. This is what A Barefoot Mile Foundation works to provide.

It is A Barefoot Mile Foundation’s goal to support those people and pursuits that are determined to improve their communities. Our vision is that, through our financial, organizational, and boots on the ground support, these communities will not only reach their goals, but also create lasting solutions that will set in motion improving standards of living for the generations that follow. We are 100% committed to community development, and our results speak for themselves.

Our organization brings donations in the form of ideas, volunteers, books, supplies, scholarships – you name it – to the communities with whom we work and the people who are making positive change. We focus on reaching areas where other organization neglect or cannot access, and instead of telling people what they need – we ask them what they need.  If they want help, we organize and help plan a model village for the entire area, then we come in and assist when asked.

A Barefoot Mile Foundation is open to help with any aspect of the lives on any individual within the communities we work with. We’ve helped with clean water, education, agriculture, health and business opportunities. To get a better sense of the work we do, check out our projects.